Peccati di CULO

Year: 1998
Country: Italy-Netherlands
Genre: Anal Sex, Big Loads, Big Cocks, Twinks, Oral Cumshots, Oral Sex
Duration: 1:33:44
Directed by: Peter Elsen
Studio: Vesco Enterprises L.T.D. / Inferno Films
Starring: Chris, Sammy, Martin, Jimmy, Hans, Bjorn, Sandor
OpisanieA group of majorly young reform school "girls" (I'm sorry ... I mean "boys") make do in the pen by getting into each others pens - and pants. Haven't seen it, but I'm gathering that the maestros at Colonel Sanders and / or Frank Purdue are smelling dinner. Shot entirely on location in the Netherlands - where they're obviously in need of some make-up tips and script doctoring ASAP

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