Pierre's Freshman Year

Year: 2004

Country: Canada

Genre: College Boys, Young & Smooth

Duration: 1 hour 17 min.

Translation: Unavailable

Russian subtitles: none

Studio: Video Boys / 1 Distribution

Starring: Pierre Fitch, Simon Boisdur, Mickey Gervais, Eric Thomas, Francis Houde and Sascha Vistos.

Description: Pierre's Freshman Year is the second installment in Pierre's adventures through school.

Pierre isn't wasting his first year of college reading books. With his hot new muscles and massive dick, Pierre is ready to try his skills as an ass pounding top for a change. And his college buddies are only too willing to take time out from sports or studying to sneak off and fuck for a few hours!

Pierre definitely gets an A + for all the hot, hard, ass slamming you'll see him do in 'Pierre's Freshman Year'!

File size :1.02 GB
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