Revenge of The Rice

Year: 2008

Genre: Twinks, Asian, Oral, Anal, Bareback, Rimming, Cum shots, Footfetish

Length: 1:41:48

Director: Matt Woods

Studio: Rising Son Video

Cast: Kham Lai, Frankie Chan, Andre Phillipee, Sammy Ly, Tristan Tran, Kevin Reid, Shosune Nagasaki, Bruce Laraia

Description: In a bathroom, plain Lai goes down and politely unbuttons pretty Chan, then sucks him. Chan keeps a hand on the back of Lai's neck, moving the sucker's head in and out. Chan is serious and sensitive-looking, like a young George Chakiris. He kneels gracefully to suck Lai, who sprawls gracefully on the edge of a bathtub, then stays down to suck Lai's foot. Jump-cut, suddenly he's fucking Lai (who looks prettier once he gets a dick in him). He bathes Lai's face in cum, and gets his own chest bathed back.

Tiny Ly undresses big Phillipee, who looks way more Latino than Asian, and kisses Phillipee's tits. Phillipee sits on Ly's chest to get blown. There's a huge, long rimming close-up, like something out of a natural science special. It's minutes before you know it's the beauty rimming Ly. Then there's an enormous, prolonged fucking shot-and it's Ly fucking Phillipee, both open-legged for us to see! They then take turns, each nibbling toes while the other cums.

Crophaired Tran orally woos Anglo-looking Reid's long cock outdoors on a shady bench. Then Reid rims him with the camera practically up Tran's ass, too. Tran takes a break to eat toes. Then he slides slimy dick into Reid's spread rectum as sunlight slants on the porch behind them. Over a deck chair, Reid learns what getting fucked means. It means getting your face washed with wad, and then returning the favor.

Back in the glass-bricked bathroom, earringed Nagasaki sucks white Laraia's pink porcelain dick like it was a national treasure-but it's just a path for him to reach and eat Laraia's asshole. Stimulated Laraia kneels to give payback to Nagasaki's dick. He's like a madman by the time he tastes asshole. He spreads to have his fingered, then fucked by determined Nagasaki. He helps a lot, bouncing and writhing, jacking himself to make his hole move more, till he shoots onto the floor and himself. Nagasaki then shoots clear up to his own tits.

File size :1.17 GB
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