San Diego Str8 Military Dudes

Year: 2007
Country: US
Genre: masturbate, straight, big cock
Duration: 1:29:37
Directed by: no info
Studio: Spunk Worthy Video
Cast: Scott, Max, Ryan, Kay, Cope
Description: Scott's a 20 year old Navy guy I met here in San Diego. This was his first time ever jerking off on camera so he was pretty nervous toward the beginning of this shoot, but as soon as he dropped his pants his dick was hard and ready to go. And what a killer body! He was an all-star wrestler and a football player through high school, from a small town in the Pacific northwest. After watching some lesbian porn, Scott works his dick and shoots a nice load onto his stomach. Check out how flushed red his chest turns as he gets close to cumming!
Kay was also in the Navy. He's 22 y / o and actually contacted me about doing some porn work (usually it's the other way around!) This guy is a total show off. He's super laid back and has definitely soaked up the So Cal attitude. We chat for a few minutes about his sexual exploits, including all the places he's had sex in public, then I threw in a porno and let him go to work. At the end he shoots a HUGE load that ends up on the floor, on his foot and all over my couch. And let's just say that his cumshot was one of the most''enthusiastic''I've seen.
Max is 23 y / o; another str8 Navy dude. When we first started talking about doing a video, he was pretty unsure about the whole deal. Eventually he needed some quick cash, so I got a phone call. He told me he was going to be nervous, so I was a little surprised at how easily this guy got his dick up and happy he was to show it off. And why not? He's got a big ol '8''cock. After talking for a few minutes, he kicks back on the couch, closes his eyes, moans and groans, and shoots all the way up his chest.
Cope was referred to me by another Marine guy I worked with. He's 20 y / o, str8, and a self-described''bad-ass Marine.''The funny thing about Marines is that they tend to come in packs. Once one of them does a shoot, I get calls from three or four of their buddies who want to do it too. You can tell that Cope's not really nervous about showing off, but the newness of jerking off on camera in front of a guy comes through. But in the end he blows a load that flew all the way onto the floor.
I met Ryan online, and after a little convincing, he agreed to do aj / o video. He's 23 y / o and a former Marine with a great body and some nice tats. He's big into 4-wheeling and motorcycling. He's definitely not shy, and told me that he kind of enjoys showing off on camera. No doubt - he got hard in about 2 seconds. Although he's str8, he was pretty open-minded about fooling around with another guy. We'll see what we can do about that. For now, watching this blonde hottie jerk off is fun enough.

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