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Year: 1991
Country: France / France
Genre: compilation
Length: 1:29:51
Directed by: Jean Daniel Cadinot
Studio: French Art

Description: Contains clips from the following films:

Garcon pres de la Piscine (Le)
Eighteen and gorgeous, but alone, the guy by the pool gets bored. Telephone chatlines keep him busy ... until the postman delivers a special package.

Tendres Adolescents
Harvest time. In the barn, two teenagers are having a wash. Naked, they splash around and soap up, their gentle gestures awakening their senses. Their games suddenly become more intimate.

Sacre College
From the refectory to the bathing area via the kitchen, infirmary and domitories, plunge in to a world of student bonding that's very ... suggestive!

Charmants Cousins
Missing a train can be annoying, unless the service in the restaurant at the station is first And when you get home, you can tell your elder brother all about it.

A French teenager discovers the delights of the hammam with a young Morrocan who finally becomes his lover.

Voyage A Venise (Le)
A French boy escapes his mother's clutches in Venice to take part in a colourful spectacle with a comedy troupe and falls in love with a Machiavellian baron's nephew.

Deuxieme Sous-Sol
A young tourist attempts to recover his briefcase stolen by two muscular thugs, whose holiday in Paris takes a turn in an underground car park.

Seance Particuliere
Some of us dream of spending life in a with a boyfriend. Others want to work in the "gay world". But are the two compatible when they come together? Faced with repeated and multiple temptation, can a survive?

Minets Sauvages (Les)
Eight young wild cats with violent sexual needs set up their own rule of law in a remand centre for young offenders.

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