The First Time 4: Victor's Birthday Party

Year: 1999
Country: Russia
Genre: teenagers, russians boys
Duration: 1 hour 31 minutes.
Translation: not required
Directed by: Alex Clark
Studio: Dolphin International
Starring: Oleg Vorobyev, Nickolay Russian, Nikita Adamovich, Denis Golubkin, Fedor Zarizin, Andrey Nazarov, Alex Fanatov.
Description: Victor is having a birthday and is inviting all his friends to the birth of Denis party.Den to the suburban villa. Dennis - this is a guy in a white cap which peretrahalsya during the movie with all druzhbanami, and judging by age, today he was eighteen ... All the scenes in prezikah from this film does not suffer the genre - Russian boys always valued very highly.
Fresh forest air, smoke, fire, fragrant barbecues ... and a lot of guys who want to fuck! Not satiated ass and members of the Friends, in the final protagonist also anoniruet on camera - this is the temperament!
For lovers of Russian young people.

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