The Twin Factor

Year: 2006

Country: hungary

Genre: anal sex, oral, twins

Directed by: Cscaba Borbely

Studio: Pacific Sun Entertainment

Cast: Austin Rogers, Evan Rochelle, Fabrizio Magiatti, Fernando Magiatti, Glenn Santoro, Helmut Műller, Julien Veneziano, Mario McCabe, Peter Stallion, Rogerio Mateo

Description: The central gimmick is a workplace identity switch. Fabrizio Mangiatti, who runs a giant warehouse full of WalMartesque merchandise, changes jumpsuits with lookalike underling Fernando Mangiatti, his real-life identical twin. The ruse enables Fabrizio to mingle with unsuspecting employees (who seem clueless in many respects) so that he can get a handle on their attitude toward management. Because the buffed, uncut workmen keep interrupting their chores to shuck their overalls for sex, the scheme would appear to have extra dividends. Alas, except for a Mangiatti-free three-way involving kinky use of a delivery window, the sex is moribund.

he long, lean, narrow-faced Mangiatti twins have appeared elsewhere as "Alex and Ian Lynch," "Jack and James LaCroix," and "Istvan and Attila Lenart." Last year the 26-year-old Hungarians launched their porn career as "Daniel and Jean Lautrec" in Bel Ami's Fling 2, but their gay-for-pay limitations curtailed their presence in high-end gay adult video. Here they tackle their wacko dialogue with sportsmanlike, deadpan aplomb, but their sexual exertions die on the screen. In the fifth and last segment, where secretary Helmut M ? ller becomes the filling in a Mangiatti sandwich, they sidestep any hint of incest, suck cock as if on a dare, and fuck with the passion they might bring to sharpening pencils.

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