Toy Soldier

Year: 2005

Country: usa

Genre: Twinks, Amateurs, Anal, Big Cocks, Military, Oral, Rimming, Threeways, Masturbate, Cumshots

Duration: 1:43:15

Director: Dink Flamingo

Studio: Active Duty Productions

Starring: Damien, Cole, Zack

Description: Damien, Cole and Zack kick back and shoot the shit ...

Zack was in town for the weekend for his first visit to the Active Duty compound in nearly three years. So, since Damien was our freshest recruit that week I decided to team him up with Zack and Cole for some afternoon fun. The three sexy devils kick back in the living room and start watching some porn while I bullshit with Zack about where's he's been and just get the guys talking and bullshitting in general. I leave the three of them alone with the porn for awhile and wouldn't you know it doesn't take long before they're comparing cocks and pulling off their pants. And wouldn't you know it's Zack that's first to latch onto a cock (after all it's been three years) and he grabs onto our toy soldier's little soldier and starts stroking him. Cole follows suit and they both play with Damien's cock. Damien (not one to be left out) grabs onto both Zack and Cole's cocks and starts stroking them in return.

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