Virgin No More

Year: 2000
Genre: group sex: anal: blowjob: Trio: Duets:
Length: 1 hr. 23m
Translation: No
Directed by: DAN CROSS
Starring: Chad Savage, Javier Duran, Tuck Johnson, Johnny Thrust, Aaron Lawrence, Anthony Cox, Jean-Luc, Ronnie, Sky Foster, Haus Weston, Spike, Nick Steel, Nick Young, Zach Richards, Bailey Straton.
Hunky Haus Weston has just turned 30 and has invited a group of friends over to celebrate. Throughout the course of the evening, however, talk turns from that ripe old age issue of turning 30 (which, to this reviewer, isn't old, and if anyone says differently, well, then, you can hold the tissues while I cry) to talk of when they lost their virginity. The video, the sophomore effort from All Worlds' producer Dan Cross (his freshman effort was Reform School Confidential), features a bevy of beautiful babes sitting around looking all cute and adorable. Doesn't hurt that there are some sizzling sex scenes as well. Weston is put on the spot and asked about his first time. He turns to his boyfriend Tuck Johnson to help him out with the details. Turns out that Johnson (who is one of my absolute faves and is just the most adorable, sweetest, nicest guys working today) and his boyfriend Aaron Lawrence are looking for a third to spice up their love life. Turns out Johnson wants it more than Lawrence. So they meet West
on and invite him home, where they proceed to have a rather stilted threesome, Weston and Johnson click immediately and poor Lawrence is the third wheel. There's a difference between a threesome and a porn threesome - rarely do real threesomes work. And Cross shows the viewer how true this is. Needless to say, it's inevitable that Lawrence will leave the picture while Johnson and Weston hook up. Johnson fucks his lover then lets Weston fuck him before popping Weston's cherry.
Then something really odd happens: Weston grins into the camera and a big ghostbuster logo (you know, the red circle with the slash through it) comes up with an angelic choir singing Virgin Virgin No More. Totally weird.

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