Where is Rico ? 1

Year: 2005

Genre: oral, anal, rimming, fingering, dildo, rough fucking, threesome

Duration: 1:50:10

Directed by: Marcel Bruckmann

Studio: Man's Art & TitanMen FreshV Starring: Rico Hoffmann, Basti Oliver, Ronald Laska, Philipe Marcus, Christophe Juvet, Fabrizio Calabria, Cesar Moralez, Felix Anders, Kriss Stahl and The Mask

Description: Where Is Rico? is the second import in the new Titan Men Fresh line. It drops you right into the laps, right between those muscular thighs, of ten handsome and athletic young men. They're so fresh, so smooth and sturdy, so uncut and thick shafted. The kiss-crazed guys in Where Is Rico? includes hunky Italians, big blond Germans, a long-haired Frenchmen, a tawny Spaniard and a couple of studly Czechs.

When Rico's parents go away for the weekend, his pals come over to play, filling every room in the mansion with their frisky, impetuous and just plain horny hormonal rush. Their non-stop cock sucking and butt banging, along with exuberant double penetrations and dildo play, keeps the jizz blasting. This two hour fuck-fest shows just why director Marcel Bruckmann won the 2004 Venus Award for Best Gay Director International at Berlin's Venus Fair. The guys of Where Is Rico? aren't just the cream of the continent. They've got the continent's freshest cream waiting for you!

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