You Runnin' Today

Year: 1999

Country: USA

Genre: hidden camera, voyeur, amateur

Duration: 00:59:54

Directed by: Amateur shooting

Studio: Angry Young Man

Cast: Marines U.S. Navy

Description: YOU RUNNIN 'TODAY ("25 BUCK NAKED, STRAIGHT MARINES!") Was released as our first hidden-cam locker room title in 1999 - on VHS. We sold thousands of units - but somehow, this little gem has waited until now to be re-mastered for DVD release. We'd forgotten how hot these enlisted Marines are. Each is more movie star handsome than the next and the hard-earned bodies are knockout. Per capita, there is more swingin 'straight man dick in this title than in many of our later ones. As one of the grunts says while making his way through a sea of ??dangling penises: "It's a damn SAUSAGE FEST in here!" DIGITALLY RE-CUT AND REMASTERED FOR DVD! Since this was initially released, we've learned of the fates of a few of these military men. Among the guys you'll see on this DVD are a current San Diego Police Officer; a male fashion model; a part-time CNN spokesperson, an Iraqi language translator and two failed porn actors. Enjoy!

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