Body Guards

Year: 2006
Genre: Plot Based, Twins, Oral / Anal Sex
Duration: 1:59:31
Directed by: Herve Handsome
Studio: High Octane
Starring: Rick Bauer, Rod Stevens, Glenn Santoro, Steve Hunt, Marco Campbell, Alex Lynch, Ian Lynch, Buck Monroe, Julian Veneziano, Roger Matteo, Austin Roger
Description: Fabulously wealthy Mr. X, uncommonly cute as well as rich, turns out to be a world class cock hound, too! He lives in luxury beyond imagination, protected by a fortress compound, snarling attack dogs and an army of the most handsome men anywhere. ... Full DescriptionWhen not standing guard or training to protect Mr. X's ass, they are figuring out ways to get their dicks inside it! Well, line up boys, Mr. X not only yearns to suck your dick, he craves having it plunge inside him as deep as you can push it.

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