Best Of Brigade 7: Well-Hung And Young

Year: 2003
Country: Canada
Genre: Oral / Anal Sex, Rimming, Cumshots.
Duration: 1:36:10
Directed by: David Collins
Studio: Brigade Studios, Celestial Entertainment
Starring: Alexandre Pleintemps, Kevin Richard, Brad Rioux, Billy Gascon, Pasqual Joliette, Luke Loader,
Alain Medio, Bernard LaMarre, G-zon Beauleu, Jean-Francois Lemieex.
The Best of Brigade # 7 features five scenes with ten guys who are well endowed and still get carded. First, from their scene in Workin It Up, "Alain Medio exercises his options and tops Alexandre Pleintemps while pumping up. Then, in their scene from Canadian Classifieds," G-Zon Beauleu places an ad and tops Kevin Richard on the couch. Next, in their scene from Big For His Age, "versatile Billy Glascon makes a pitch to Brad Rioux, then must catch as well as pitch! Then, in their scene from Joining The Club," Luke Loader initiates Pasqual Joliette in to the neighborhood club with flip-flop sex. Finally, in their scene from Chateau D Lust, "Bernard LaMarre and Jean-Francois Lemieux heat things up inside a mountain retreat when they top and bottom for each other!

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