Brazilian Cum Ons 1 : Just Between Us

Country: Brazil

Genre: Anal: Big Cock: Duets: blowjob:

Duration: 1 hour 19 minutes

Directed by: ALEXANDER


Starring: Antonio De Capos, Castel Lorenzo, Felipe Sainz, Emilio Calvo, Felipe Herrero, Ramon Mendez, Denis Mello and Antonio Ramos.

Description: Dark, hard-bodied Brazilian boys have sex all night long, then wake up and go at it again. A uniformed guard uses his power to seduce a hot boy into his temporary slave. Office-mates discover each other?s giant cocks, then fuck like horny hotties. A rare blonde beefy boy gets help undressing, before he and his friend engage in a raw, pounding sexual session. Each seen climaxes in sensual delight when each super-hot babe explodes in erotic bliss.

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