Centurion Muscle 2 - Alpha

Year: 2006
Genre: Muscle, Oral, Anal Actions, BDSM, Cum
Duration: 2:42:27
Directed by: JD SLATER
Starring: Blake Nolan, Danny Mann, Xerxes, Leo Rocco, Lucs di Fabbiano, Francois Sagat
Description: SYNOPSIS
Last year erotic icon JD SLATER stunned the industry and porn fans alike with the release of his magnum opus to beefcake "CENTURION MUSCLE". The incredible worldwide response to the title inspired JD to go for even greater heights and the results can be seen in this major homage to the biggest and best of the planet's brawniest men, CENTURION MUSCLE II "ALPHA". Like its predecessor, this isn't just some collection of pretty gym bunnies coldly posing for the camera. HELL NO! This movie gathers together mountains of masculinity from across the world and showcases them having the sort of sex that legends are made of. Surpassing all previous benchmarks, SLATER and his cast of supermen redefine macho passion and power while managing to capture the real sexual intimacy generated by these monuments of flesh. Get yourself plenty of lube and disconnect the phone - this one is going to grab you by the short and curlys and not let go till you are totally spent.
CM II hits the ground running with a dream pair of mega musclebears: southern rising superstar DANNY MANN is matched up with Eastern Europe's Muscle Daddy sensation XERXES (in his American debut). These are men of heroic proportions that stand like towering horned-up giants as they kiss, caress, explore, and ultimately consume each other in a feral sexual frenzy usually reserved for the Animal Channel. Between the two, there are over 500 pounds of testosterone-pumped beef that demands to be satisfied and that is exactly what happens; they rim, suck, and fuck each other into a dizzying, sweat-drenched pile of buffed fur. The scene, which lasts almost 50 minutes, elevates these 2 men to the level of the super sex gods and sets the tone for all that will follow.
Next up is RSS's latest exclusive, BLAKE NOLAN. This mass of magnificent muscle and fur is paired with Latin heartthrob LEO ROCCA and these men take us on a journey of sensual delights that goes from tender to tough and mild to wild. The men's bodies compliment each other beautifully as they bump and grind, building up a tangible erotic energy that leads to an explosion of lust that jumps off the screen at you. Soon all you hear are grunts and moans as they communicate their deep-seeded needs and hungers. As the pair soars from romantic to full-on sleaze, you watch their roles evolve till finally BLAKE takes full command and has his way with the almost overwhelmed ROCCA. They explode in a shower of cum, truly releasing their inner beasts and collapse in a studpile you'll beat off to for years.
For our next tableau we find Italian, ripped superhunk LUCAS DI FUBBIANO giving us a lesson on the fine art of solo buttplay. Watch in awe and amazement as the camera glides over every perfect curve of his buffed-out body, leading to his very talented ass, as he works, with sublime skill, a series of dildos like an artist painting a masterpiece. The toys, which run the gamut from usual to the incredible, are each handled with tactile sensuality that will entrance and entice the viewer into a near-hypnotic state. This is a scene about self-pleasure that will set a standard for quite a while to come.
Scene 4 brings back the mammoth XERXES, this time teamed up with LEO ROCCA in a flip-flop fuckfest that ranks as one of the great power exchange plowings of the decade. With bodies like Greek gods and cocks that resemble steel poles, these two show the true meaning of versatile as they effortlessly switch back and forth from top to bottom. This is Olympic-class cocksucking and butt-nailing the likes of which has made the CENTURION / RSS labels the leaders of the industry. These men invade each other with a red-hot fury that threatens to melt your DVD. Hold on tight as the rock-hard dicks tumble in and out of mouths and holes in an ever-intensifying circle of carnal delight that will leave you as jizz-drenched as the performers.
Now, how does one construct a finale to this cavalcade of bestial pleasures? Well, if you're JD SLATER, you pull out all the stops and put STALLION superstar François SAGAT with muscle monster BLAKE NOLAN, then stand back and let the sexual alchemy of two of the world's most stunning men take over. The scene that ensues is nothing short of pure magic, captured exactly as it happened; it exceeds anything either performer had filmed to that date. The screen actually glows from the sheer electricity these men ignited in each other. Both men seem to melt together, taking care to sample every inch of flesh and fur, every drop of sex and sweat. They become a single entity flowing and undulating, primal urges feeding each other's most porcine needs. When, at last, they explode in a torrent of orgasms, you will know you have witnessed the real fucking thing, bringing this collection of smut and sleaze to a most fitting end.
Destined to be a classic of the genre, you owe it to yourself and your inner pig to add this to your erotic library as soon as possible. Already described by preview audiences and critics alike as one of SLATER's greatest achievements, it firmly establishes CENTURION PICTURES XXX as the house that muscle built. Get it today and get ready for CM III "OMEGA" coming out this fall. It's going to be quite a year

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