Classics Vol. 19

Year: 1995

Country: United States

Genre: BDSM, Fetish, Bondage, Oral

Length: 2:02:26

Director: Tom Ropes McGurk

Studio: Graphik Art Productions

Starring: Justin Lancer, Dean Rodney, Carl Christian.

Cougar Cash, Cort Stevens

Description: Justin Lancer voluntarily commits himself to a private jail. Officer Dean Rodney gives him one last chance to back out before locking him in his cell. Justin's cellmate Carl Christian immediately enslaves the lad. Striving to serve Master and jailer, Justin is used hard by both. Now available on "Classics Vol. 19"

Cort Stevens is at his 19 year old best, roped hand and foot and delivered by Cougar Cash in a closed van. Training begins immediately. Cort crawls on all fours from his cage to a series of sexual humiliations. Cougar is a stern Master who works Cort until he can wait no longer, then milks him. There are multiple cum shots in this feature. Available on Classics Vol. 19

Extras. Information: Classics Vol. 19 combines the complete "Bound in Servitude" and "Roped and Delivered", two bondage classics

File size :700 MB

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