Caught 'N' Fucked

Year: 2007

Genre: twinks, bareback, pissing, oral, anal, rimming, group sex

Length: 1:58:53

Director: Adam Bailey

Studio: Graffiti Blue

Starring: Ricky, Jon, Lee, Kyle, Alex, Lex, Will

Description: Caught 'N' Fucked is an excellent hardcore British gay film that is too extreme to get a BBFC certificate for sale within the UK. Ricky's piss fetish almost gets him into trouble when he encourages Jon and Lee to cover him with a golden shower outdoors. Jon gets so excited doing it and the guys end up shagging on the gravel. While Kyle is watching on a CCTV camera to try and catch them, he finds it a huge turn on. When his colleague walks in to find him beating off over the guys, he decides to join in and have some raw fun himself. Alex and Lex decide to shag in a field, only to be caught by Will, who is then caught watching them by PC Sykes, a local police officer, who forces the guys to shag on demand, as a punishment. When he gets home, the excitement is too much, and he drains his own cock while reflecting. Finally, Timmy takes a taxi home and forgets his wallet, so pays Jesse in kind in the front of the taxi.

File size :1.12 GB
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