Director's Uncut

Year: 2001
Country: USA
Genre: Oral / Anal Sex, Big Dick, Rimming, Group, Cumshot
Duration: 1:44:37
Directed by: Michael Lucas
Studio: Lucas Entertainment
Starring: Michael Lucas, Michel Mattel, Chad Hunt, Todd Willard, Mitch Ryder, Jessie Bryce, Mark Derek, Roberto Del Toro
Description: Whether you care to admit it or not, Michael Lucas really knows how to make a fuck flick, and he apparently makes them on his own terms, which is admirable. One of the few studios in New York, Lucas always manages to bring a sleazy multicultural feel to his movies. Director's Uncut is no exception.
This movie has a little plot and it even manages to be clever. In the story Lucas plays himself. As the director of a fuck flick this video tells the story of Lucas getting a production together by being slick and underhanded. He has never looked better, with his natural bit of hair on his chest and a nice bush surrounding his gargantuan uncut tool. Lucas fans are in for a real treat - the man appears in each scene!
The first scene has Lucas and his assistant preparing for a video shoot. Willard enters and wants to audition for the movie. After stripping, Willard, a tall blond, announces that he could use a little help getting his big cock hard. The assistant gives assistance and soon Lucas has entered the fray. The three men look good together. Lucas and his assistant are dark and bookend the tall blond Willard. All three men have ample pieces of meat between their legs and rotate roles in the ménage.
The script builds to the finale, which is a scene between Lucas and the effervescent Mattel. These two look wonderful together. Lucas' dangerous and sleazy persona is easily and attractively offset by Mattel's squeaky-clean boy next-door look. It doesn't take long for these two to heat up the screen. They kiss like nothing you have seen before; it is as if they are searching for hidden treasure deep in the recesses of one another's throats. The making out quickly leads to some serious cock sucking before Mattel offers up his gorgeous bubble butt for a fucking from Lucas that sizzles. As expected, both guys shoot nice loads.
The other scenes are also very hot. Hunt is a tattooed sleazemeister with a cock the size of a small child. Ryder is another porn stalwart who always manages to live up to his own reputation. In fact, all of the men in the cast are hot and worthy of replay.

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