Dominating Dicks

Year: 1996
Country: USA
Genre: huge cocks, oral, anal, jerk off, cum, interracial
Duration: 1:53:02
Studio: His Video
Description: Yes, you've seen the cover image a thousand times before; it's been circling the Internet for years. Well, for all you guys who thought it was a fake, trust me - it's not! That beer-can thick piece poking throught that glory hole is all real. (The original gagging sounds have been replaced with crappy synth music - ugh.) One of the biggest onscreen cocks in history - too bad the guy it's attached to ain't all that cute - giving the dirty blonde twinkish guy more than a mouthful is shown in all it's glory here. It's literally impossible for him to take it all.
For a compilation, it's actually pretty damn satisfying. There ain't no plot to speak of (obviously), and the tech credits are just okay. But still, it'll get ya off and you'll go back to it again and again.
Other scenes include a hard-on inducing oral and anal raping of Corey by some uncredited buff "straight-acting" dude (part of the problem here - too many guys go uncredited), lots of straight guys fucking around with their faggy co-workers , and even a little doctor probing. Still, that cover scene with the uncredited military man being relieved of his elephant's trunk build-up is still astonishing. A two-fisted pumper to be sure.
Fans of interracial plowings, truly overly huge appendages, glory hole sex (you sluts!) And tough "straight-boy" fantasies will be wiping away the spooge for days on end.

File size :902 MB
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