Cours privÚs

Year: 2002
Country: France
Genre: Twinks, Oral, Anal, Safe sex, Rimming, Group
Duration: 1:51:44
Directed by: Jean-Daniel Cadinot
Studio: French Art
Starring: Nino Ronaldo, Samy d'Angelo, Peter Jan Verbist, Christian Astier, Gabriel de Ronac, Adam Devil, Matha´ Toahotu, Maxime de la Roche, Kevin Lambert, Martin Berne, Alan Cortes, Guilhem Thomas
Description: Cours PrivÚs (Private Courses) is about the sexual adventures of a group of students at a French private college, and features ten of Cadinot's amazing 2002 stable of new and horny young models. On campus the lack of girls is zip-straining, but communal living is strangely intriguing for the students. Martin, the little German straight boy, has a beauty and shyness that drives the place wild. The housekeeper abuses his authority to satiate his carnal desires, and many underground relationships are formed. The sexual tension in these twelve hunks explodes. Pleasure has no limits when you're twenty. Rules are, after all, only for adults.

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