Euroboy Hard 6 Hotel Amsterdam

Year: 2003

Genre: Oral, Toys, Anal, Safe sex, Solo, Masturbation, Bondage

Length: 1:50:07

Director: Clive Roberts

Studio: Zipper

Cast: Jared, Kristian, Kyle, Lee, Reece, Kyle

Description: Euroboy Hard just gets better and better. This time the film is set in Brighton's top gay hotel where you get to see all the incredibly horny non-stop action that goes on behind the scenes! This movie is a wapping 110 minutes and features utterly stunning lads and the most graphic videography ever produced by Euroboy.

See what kinky 20 year old boyfriends Jared and Kristian get up to on their Brighton dirty weekend. With Jared tied to the bed dressed in nothing but a leather harness Kristian gets his wicked way teasing and licking his boyfriend all over. Jared really wants his arse to be serviced too and Kristian needs no persuasion to give him the full treatment. When Kristian then pops out for some ciggies the cute blonde receptionist Kyle slyly takes the opportunity to seduce Jared pretending to be room service. After loads of brilliant cock sucking and graphic rimming and even a bit of fun with some ice cubes Jared decides that young Kyle's cute little arse needs a good pounding too!

Meanwhile another member of staff, 19 year old Lee while cleaning a hotel room discovers a guest has left a porn mag behind. Lee is very cute with a cut cock and shapely arse. You get to see him having a nice long wank before he spurts his load in a noisy climax.

File size : 1.07 GB
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