French Erection

Year: 2002

Country: France

Genre: Oral, Anal, Safe sex, Group

Length: 1:52:47

Director: Conny Haller

Studio: Ikarus Entertainment

Cast: Horst Wieland, Aurelius, Beny Motolka, Toby Steiner, Anton Elsinski, Karel Prochazka, Eric Chateau, Tom Evans

Description: Voted Best Gay Film for 2003 by Berlin's VENUS AWARDS, French Erection is a true winner from start to finish. The story is primarily narrative. At a backyard BBQ, the delicious host tells a cute blonde twink about how he spied on two of the party guests when they were out in the woods. We then cut to the scene between the two skinny lads, their huge uncut dicks, and the host standing next to a tree jerking his rod. The kid with the bigger dick ends up - so to speak - being the bottom, taking it from behind whilst standing. The host drops his thick load, leaving the two to have it. It's not a very energetic scene, but certainly good enough to launch the remainder of the film's HOT provocative sex.

Three bicyclists clad in Spandex suits stop under a bridge after their ride and suck one another, and then one of them jumps onboard another, lovingly prepping his hole with a slow, seductive rimming. Once good and gooey, he crams his 8 inches in to his nuts, riding him with a fury; the bottom sucking happily away on the other guys spoke. After a nice round of butt fucking, the top man stands on his hands to receive an innovative rim job of his own! The three then jerk their meat to a creamy end all over a bike seat.

Our blonde twink tells the host about being "raped" by two joggers. He confesses that once he eased into it, it was quite sexy. And it is. The two joggers tag team the blondes round, pillowy ass with their tongues and dicks, and the one takes turns fucking the blonde and his running partner. All three blow incredible wads of boy juice, the jogger's loads landing all over the blonde's face, and in his gaping mouth.

Two sunbathers get it on poolside. Chemistry burns quite nicely between them, and the top man knows how to put it to his partner. Next up is the host and the blonde playing a fun round of hide the sausage - literally! The blonde shoves a thick link of meat into the host's ass, and then plugs him full of cock. Meanwhile, a sultry threesome is under way by a tree, which then becomes a five-boy orgy once the blonde and host join in. Everyone gets served, and all shoot heaping loads of cum. If that isn't enough, two lads get in on in the bedroom (the only indoor scene in the whole film). It's seductive, steamy, and jammed with good cock eating, rimming, and butt plugging. To conclude, two guys meet up by the tree below the window to grope one another. Not long thereafter, they are joined by four others for a heady, climactic orgy; complete with two couples fucking in the branches!

I could clearly see why it received the award. It plays out like a well produced home movie, but it's done so in an artsy-fartsy fashion.

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