Caught 'n' Fucked 2 - Boys In The Wood

Year: 2007

Country: UK

Genre: masturbation, anal, oral, group gay sex without a condom

Length: 138 min

Translation: Unavailable

Russian subtitles: none

Director: Adam Bailey

Studio: Graffiti Blue

Starring: Alex Russian, Jacob Richards, James Allen, John Gadsby, Timmy Slater, Will Forbes

Description: What this gang of sexy young British fuckers get up to in Caught 'N' Fucked 2: Boys In The Woods is enough to make little red riding hood blush with embarrassment! Timmy is feeling horny and decides to have a good wank to kill his boredom, when John comes along and catches him at it. Timmy fucks John's ass raw with his throbbing cock until they both shoot. Timmy calls his mate Jack to tell him about what's just happened and, still horny, starts another wank. Jack decides to go and find Timmy and help him out. Later, Jack is still in the woods and ready for another session when he bumps into John. He realises who John is, and they share their loads with each other, passing it mouth-to-mouth. Will and Alex stumble across James while looking for some action. They take him to the group session and all six guys get it on, with one big finale of six hot loads being shot all over John. Caught 'N' Fucked 2: Boys In The Woods delivers 15 big cum shots, loads of cum licking and snowballing!

File size :1.13 GB
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