Chained Heroes 2

Production Year: 2003 / 6 in Country: USA
Genre: gay, bondage, bdsm, spanking, electro, army, muscle, no sex
Time: 01:24:28 + 01:01:27 + 00:56:11
Directed by: no info Studio: Chained Heroes / Torsion Video
Cast: # 2: Marcello # 3: David # 4: Mateo
# 2: POW in pain
Trapped in a hidden POW camp, with no chance of escape, special forces agent (code name Marcello) is subjected to cruel and sadistic physical torture. His captors are desperate to discover the mission that brought him to this dark and dangerous outpost, but Marcello is a fighter! Stripped to the waste and secured in unyielding chains he writhes in agony as he is relentlessly flogged by his interrogator. Hour upon hour of cruel lashing with the ferocious knotted cat and brutal single-tail whip takes it's toll. His rock hard abs are relentlessly punched and beaten. His chest and nipples are cruelly abused. Finally, when he thinks his situation cannot get worse, he is stripped naked and his manhood targetted. Will the pain, humiliation and exhaustion break him? All is revealed in this video, secretly recorded for his interrogators sadistic pleasure.
File size :699 MB
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