Chance Encounters

Year: 1998
Country: Canada
Genre: Oral / Anal Sex, Rimming, Facial Cumshots, Amateur
Duration: 1:18:37
Directed by: David Collins
Studio: Brigade Studios
Starring: Tomy O'rne, Stuart, Katelyn, Guillaume, Junior, Nicky Wells, Sebastian
Description: Sex with a lover is great, but sex with a stranger can be such a turn on too! But how does a horny guy meet strangers in the big city? The simplest ways are the best ways!
One way to have sex with strangers is the ever-popular "sex-with-the-delivery-man" ploy. If you are the deliveryman, then you could call it the "putting-out-for-a-big-tip" ploy.
Either way, all you need is a little gentle persuasion or just the right amount of coy resistance, and you're home free, unless you're the one who owes the tip!
The most common method to meet strangers is to be in an area of ??town known for cruising. Cruising employs a glance that lasts too long, a grope of the groin and a nod of acknowledgement.
Once you have successfully cruised for sex, having an apartment or hotel room in the area helps!
Still another route to sex with a stranger is hitchhiking a ride late at night, whether you are the passenger or the driver. Whichever you are, both of you are in for the ride of your life!
Gyms are notorious pickup places for sex with strangers. When you see a guy ready to press some heavy weights, offer to spot him.
It's a classic! Besides, it's not only hard to find a good gym buddy, it's also good to find a hard one too!

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