Construction Island

Year: 2004

Country: USA

Duration: 1:51:32

Directed by: Csaba Borbély

Studio: Clair / All Worlds Video / Diamond Pictures / Load

Starring: Adriano Lazzari, Phillipe Collier, Gerardo Cortez, Julien Salieri, Kevin Cage, Lucio Maverick, Hans Brooks, Fredy Costa, Sylvio Panthera, Julian Vincenzo, Rod Stevens


Director Csaba Borbely, who has a knack for finding exotic shooting locations, turns a remote, deserted, sun-drenched island into a haven for hunky Eastern European construction workers.
Two new workers, Lucio Maverick and Kevin Cage, approach the island via boat in the opening sequence, and their coveralls (worn without shirts) temptingly show off their upper body muscles, which are well defined and bronzed. When they arrive, the sight of many similarly dressed studs greets them. As Lucio and Kevin's first day on the job progresses, they find out that many of their co-workers share a whole lot more than just a beer after a long day's work (and sometimes in the middle the work day).
Two of these hunks, Sylvio Panthera and Rod Stevens, go off on their own for a break to get the action rolling. Sylvio, a lanky, very tautly built, smooth stud, shares some hot kisses with hairy, muscle stud Rod, and then Rod gives Sylvio an energetic dick-sucking and stroking, using both his mouth and hand to get his friend up and raring to go. Lucio and Kevin peep the scene while Sylvio licks out Rod's butthole. And in this scene Sylvio doesn't just tentatively tongue-fuck Rod, he goes at it with gusto. Sylvio is just as gung-ho when he fingers Rod's hole, inserting two fingers to loosen him up just before the fuck scene. Sylvio pushes into Rod's furry ass cleft from behind, as Rod props one leg on a rock wall, and the vigorous pounding begins. Rod's muscular torso gets the spotlight next, and he looks scrumptious as he sits on Sylvio's long erection and rides it, his thick cock hard and waving with each thrust. Sylvio stands and jerks out a load of thick cream at then end, and the head of his uncut dick is
coated with the stuff as he continues to stroke. Then Rod blasts off, and his load rockets out of his cock and flies everywhere.
Lucio and Kevin's first-day job orientation takes them next to a hot encounter between Adriano Lazzari and Philippe Collier. Phillipe's gorgeous face looks even more amazing when he's wrapping his lips around Adriano's thick meat, and when the two switch positions, and Phillipe's dick is revealed, it is almost as impressive as Adriano's. Philippe's nipples are puffy, brown, and ripe-looking so much so that he makes me want to climb through the screen to lick them. The setting is awesome, with the two studs performing in the hot sun on a rooftop, while in the background, a short, picturesque, deserted street can be seen. Philippe bends over and Adriano shoves his entire face into Philippe's asscrack, and the scene includes some divine shots of Philippe's face, reacting to the ace rimjob he's getting. As Philippe rests his arms on a short wall, Adriano pushes into his ass from behind, and Philippe seems to have no trouble taking all of Adriano's huge cock. There are some beautiful shots of the action; some are
taken from very far away, showing the ancient building they are on top of, and some from up close, with Sylvio's face, again, grimacing and reacting as Adriano slams into him. Adriano and Philippe take a break from fucking and pose side-by-side on the wall, Adriano standing and Philippe sitting, with a watery landscape behind them. The view of the two hunks naked and jerking their erections in the sunlight is yet another beautiful tableau. Adriano and Philippe fuck again, this time missionary, before the cum-shots. As they stand side-by-side on a wall and jerk their dicks, Adriano loses it first, and then Philippe cums. Philippe's load is only barely visible, though, but his ample foreskin sliding up and down the shaft of his cock as he works his dick is a nice consolation prize.
Lucio and Kevin hop a boat to another part of the island, where they watch a three-way jerk-off between gorgeous Gerardo Cortez, Fredy Costa and Julien Salieri. Gerardo's long, lean swimmer's muscles contrast nicely with Julien's bulkier, shorter build, and Fredy is a boyishly cute stud with a naturally taut physique. Gerardo's handsome face, with its cleft chin and thick, sensual lips, gets plenty of camera time as he works his cock alongside Fredy. Julien is positioned further away, in the background, and he shoots first, delivering a huge load of white stuff that hangs off his shaft and fist after he finishes. Gerardo and Fredy face each other as they bring themselves off. Gerardo's cum is rich and white, and droplets of it fly off his dick as he strokes. Then Fredy shoots, and he releases huge jets. The camera goes in for a tight close-up of Fredy's big dick as he continues to jerk, and some of his load clings to his dick shaft and foreskin after he pops.
Rod returns, and he reprises his excellent bottoming performance. This time Rod's playmate is tattooed hunk Julian Vincenzo, the most macho looking stud in the entire production. Julian may be butch as hell, but that doesn't stop him from going down first, and he truly seems to get off on sucking Rod's cock. Both of these guys have muscles for days, and they are without a doubt my favorite pairing throughout. From their mutual cocksucking in the beginning to the point where Rod parts his sweaty, hairy cheeks to receive Julian's huge dick, the action just leaps off the screen. Rod sits on Julian's massive meat, and then in the finale, the studs are in a scissor-fuck when Julian pulls out and shoots. Julian's cream drenches Rod's balls and hairy leg when he cums. Then Rod stands up and the sunlight perfectly outlines his pecs and abs as Julian once again goes down on him (and, yes, Lucio and Kevin are watching). The final shot of Rod's amazing body, drenched in sweat and gleaming in the sun as he pops his load,
is awe-inspiring.
Lucio and Kevin end their first day (where not a lot of work seems to get done, but who the hell cares?) by hooking up with Hans Brooks for a three-way. Hans acts as the total bottom for the other two very well endowed studs, first taking turns sucking their dicks (and at one point trying, without much success, to fit both into his mouth) and then getting his ass plowed by each of them in turn. While Kevin is thrusting into Hans from behind, Hans sucks Lucio. Then Lucio, whose dick is impressively long and thick, drives inside Hans missionary while Kevin watches and jerks. Hans and Lucio jerk their dicks in unison just before they shoot, with Lucio's voluminous load landing on Hans's balls and crotch. The final cum-shot belongs to Kevin, who aims his dick at his lower belly and explodes, leaving cum running in rivulets down his taut abs and into his pubes.

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