Year: 2005

Country: ITALY

Genre: hunks, anal, oral

Length: 1:14

Directed by: LUCAS KAZAN

Studio: Lucas Kazan Productions

Starring: Leon, Eric Flower, Jean Franko, Wilfried Knight, Ricky Martinez, Marco Sisto and Alberto Ventura

Description: Once upon a time, there was a handsome peasant. His name was Masetto ... "So the Narrator (Mexican RICKY MARTINEZ), reading a racy page by Boccaccio (First Novella of the Third Day). Czech ERIC FLOWER plays the peasant, pretending to be deaf and dumb, while looking for work ... and fun. Venezuelan JEAN FRANKO, Italian hunks ALBERTO VENTURA and MARCO SISTO are the farmers, all too eager to take advantage of him.

Eighth Novella of the Eighth Day: Jean Franko
back as Zeppa, (LKP exclusive) LEON is Spinelloccio, his best friend. Zeppa finds out his lover (WILFRIED KNIGHT) cheats on him. And he does so with Spinelloccio, of all people. Seeking revenge, Zeppa manages to seduce his best friend's lover (Ricky Martinez). Betrayal and jealousy soon come to an en end, as all four take part in a new menage and happily toast to their sexual freedom.

DECAMERON - TWO NAUGHTY TALES is based on two novellas from Giovanni Boccaccio's 14th century Decameron. It was filmed in Puglia, Italy's most enchanting region, in the Fall of 2004

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