Die Handy Callboy

Year: 1999

Genre: bareback, anal sex, big cocks, cumshots, oral sex, solo (some), threesome, twinks, uncut

Length: 01:18:33

Directed by: Alex Nicolas

Studio: Action Boys / Man's Best

Starring: Christian, Frank, Heiko, Martin, PeterOpisanie: Heiko, Frank and Martin are not your traditional "call boys." They are simply available for sex anytime and anywhere, all you have to do is call them on their "handy" cell phones. They are not in it for money. No, these callboys only give their numbers to other hot-nutted teens who want to do the nasty. Boy, do they! After an incredible bareback 3-way with direct-in-the-mouth cumshots, our three callboys all get phone calls. Heiko hooks up with Christian in the park who takes him to his pad to feed his arse full of enormous teen cock. Frank's cock is massive. He hooks up with Peter and they exchange bareback fucks until they both explode. Martin's trick cancels, so hes left to take matters into his own hands. This flawless blond twink nuts just for our pleasure. This twinkfest is not to be missed!
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