Fire In My Hole

Year: 2008

Genre: Anal, Oral, Twinks, Bareback, Group

Duration: 1:40:19

Director: Thomas Bjorn

Studio: Puppy Productions


Denis Reed, Dominik Trojan, Fanco Conti, Garry Farr, Jerry Harris, Justin Parker, Luke Anders, Mike Gate, Mikro Maloj, Nick Lamar, Sancho Sun.


These may be perfect examples of hoses that could ignite a fire rather than extinguish it. The friction caused by any one of these huge cocks would likely set any man? S ass ablaze.

Mike Gate straddles a barstool and spreads to take every inch of Dominik Trojan? S Humongous Fuck-Stick. Sparks really ignite when Mike contorts his body in a way that only adds fuel to an already hot fire!

Mikro Maloj is jerking off when Sancho Sun and Luke Anders enter. Heat Builds when they stroke each other? S cocks & asses. Explosive releases are inevitable with all the energy created by these 3 Hot Blondes.

After exchanging Cock-Sucks, Garry Farr mounts Jerry Harris? round ass, aims his loaded weapon, and prepares to fire away. Jerry soon surrenders to the pleasurable ASSAULT made on his PUCKER HOLE.

The sparks are flying as Denis Reed and Nick Lamar go from Kissing to Sucking. This ignites into some fiery fucking when Nick takes on Denis? Gigantic Torch in every way it? S given in this Sheet-Scorching romp!

Justin Parker raises Franco Conti? S temperature with Cock-Play. Once kindles, Franco? S desire for Justin? S Big Rod Burns all the way down to his smoldering hole. The only way to stop this fire? POUNCE ON IT!

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