First Time 6

Year: 2001
Country: Russia
Genre: 20-25, RUSSIAN, anal, oral, solo
Duration: 1:48:18
Translation: not required
Directed by: Alex Clark
Studio: Dolphin Entertainment
Cast: Egor S., Misha S., Sasha M., Sergey B., Rodion R., Nikita K., Artem Y., Dmitriy S., Andrey Sh., Gleb S., Yanis L., Artem K.
Description: Every one of Dolphin's "First Time" videos has its own artistic register, but FT 6 seems to break new ground, even for accomplished producer Alex Clark. Fresh faces, unique settings, and a dip into dreamland reshape a familiar, fleshy terrain.
Horse-hung Artem stakes a claim to flashback fantasies in the video opener. Hot zephyrs singe the memory banks as Tema recalls his bed-butting with sexy Yanis the night before. Surprise upon surprise, he recreates the suck 'n' fuck scenario with a dreamy morning cock massage and cumplosion - the more vivid the recollection, the more adrenalin for his tool! Even lounging in bed, Tema's a sexy sight ... but when he's reminiscing, he's a butt-beater sensational. Yanis was unavailable for comment; too busy soaking his ass in a hot tub, I suppose!
Breakfast buddies Nikita and Rodion follow by orchestrating their morning munching to the music of a whistling teapot. There's steamy action all around once they start to tickle head and decide that wetting one's whistle - be it mouth to mouth resuscitation, dick-dabbling, or ass sampling - can have explosive consequences. Just ask Nikita: Vesuvius-like, his carnal eruption sends a flume of cum into the stratosphere .... Gravity and Rodion's backside take care of the rest.
Next, twin performers Egor and Mikhail carry sibling rivalry to extremes, discovering that what brothers share has many anatomical rewards. Some magazine glitz provides the stimulus - Egor and Mikhail provide the response, stroking and jacking in matching chairs. Their little contest makes me wonder what happens cum bedtime.
Andrey and Gleb accentuate the work / play motif with some tasty tongue play that ripens head and stiffens shaft. They're both quickdraws when it cums to cocking triggers and firing - that's for certain. If I didn't know better, I'd have guessed that rapid fire and recoil were dicktations these two studs coined in close hand-to-hand bedroom maneuvers.
The same could be said at video's end for Dima and Artem, the conversant pair, as well as Sasha and Sergey, the musical duo. Thanks to perestroika, talking on the phone and pecking the piano have now emerged as four-play preludes. Gosh, if I'd known their secret power, I'd have spent my adolescence in front of a baby grand with a cell phone to my ear! On second thought, though, I doubt I'd be able to duplicate, even imaginatively, the erotic energies of these young Russian cuties. Like their co-performers - and all the other "First Time" Dolphin beauties - they're a sexy show that begs for an appreciative audience. I'm happy I could oblige!

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