French Fuckers

Year: 2007
Country: France
Genre: Oral, Rimming, Anal, Safe sex, Toys, Group, Cum shots, Facial
Duration: 1:30:16
Directed by: Stephane Berry
Studio: Berry Gold
Starring: Angel Damon, Arnaud Laporte, Jerome Lebert, Karim Zitounie, Loan Damon, Marc Lemaire, Nicolas Love, Steve Bery, Tony Demo, Xawen Lesage
Description: Leave it to the culture that invented French kissing to show us mansex at its nasty best. Wait till you see these horny young studs lock tongues as they pound the living daylights out of each other! The hard-banging, mouth-watering action here is carefully edited together so that there's never a dull moment.
Even the locations are interesting, like the sex shop two guys visit together. They try on fetish underwear and fuck and suck against the display racks. The locker room four-way is a highlight, with its cum facial finale. So is the threeway in the bar, where the guys do each other in every position they can think of. Lovers of big butt plugs and bigger dildos will get a kick out of the scene in a sex cafe, where one guys takes both a huge cock and a dildo up his ass simultaneously. And there's a five man orgy in the sauna, in and around a whirpool tub, that's not to be missed. By the end of it, one guy takes all four of his buddies' hot loads onto his own cock, torso, and face.
The sex throughout is hardcore, rough, and very masculine, but there are plenty of tender moments along the way. For example, a bottom guy might gently stroke the hair of his top buddy as his ass gets ravaged at full force. There's nothing held back here - the guys fulfill their lustful needs however hard and however fast is necessary. It makes for very exciting viewing.

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