Fuck The Army

Year: 1997
Country: Czech Republic, Germany
Genre: Twinks, Oral / Anal Sex, Blowjob, Threesome, Masturbation, Cumshots
Duration: 1:29:02
Size: 758,320,128 bytes
Directed by: Milos Mimi
Studio: Man's Best
Starring: Petr Fuk, Zdenek Linke, Hein Dominik, David Ondra, Petr Andy, Georg Jenson, Daniel Ondris, Pavel Janicek, Wilhelm von Wagner
Description: Milos Mimi directed some of the earliest and most popular Man's Best Action Boys videos in the early 90's. Rolf Hammerschmidt commissioned him to develop a new line of thematic videos for Media X in 1999. "Fuck The Army" is the first production of this line. In the Czech Republic, military duty is still mandatory for adult males around the time they reach 19. Usually the guys are just in the service because they "Have to". Their minds are often elsewhere and often on each other. This video features deep fucking, plenty of sucking and very realistic military settings. There are at least 10 different guys that are sexually involved in the video and way more orgasms in this video than you will ever see movie is NOT another total twink-fest in a thematic video. I must warn you all though that this as is the norm for Man's Best. There are some guys in their mid-twenties, some hair on chests and a few guys who could stand to lose a few pounds. All in all, this video more closely resembles Cadin
ot's "Se
rvice Actif" than a standard MB production, but .... the cocks are huge and the action is really great.

File size :723 MB
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