Fucked and Pissed

Year: 2010

Country: Germany

Genre: Oral / Anal Sex, Double Anal, Fetish,

Jockstraps, Rimming, Tattoos, Threesomes, Uncut, Pissing

Duration: 1:48:29

Directed by: Max Jaeger

Studio: Young Bastards

Starring: Kai Cruz, Jordan Fox, Ruben Fux, Mika Poika, Basti Winkler

Description: Cool boys who only have hardcore sex in mind

and thick cocks in their pants - these are the YOUNG BASTARDS. Piss, domination, and 2-in-one fucks are just a few examples of their horny games. Jesco (18) gets rammed by two dicks at the same time and Ruben (25) has to take rough beatings and kicks, and let himself be humiliated. In five scenes eleven horny, sexy guys show us what's what!

File size : 1.28 GB
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