Year: 1998
Country: United States
Genre: gay, vintage, rape, bdsm, plot based, hunks, toys, safe sex
Duration: 1:34:11
Directed by: Chip Daniels
Studio: Centaur Films
Starring: Carl Erik, Kyle Brandon, Cole Tucker, Kyle McKenna, Dino DiMarco, Tommy Cruise, Cutter West, JT Sloan, Peter Wilder

From the press notes, courtesy of Centaur Films:
"Our story opens as Mr. Drummer 1996 Kyle Brandon is walking home in the dark of night. Hearing a loud scream he runs to investigate and encounters Dino DiMarco and Peter Wilder, trying to assault seductive Tommy Cruise. He fights off the assailants, only to be scoffed at by Tommy, who tells him that "it's only a game." Tommy suddenly disappears, leaving behind a business card which reads, "play the game of your life."
The next morning, being intrigued, Kyle logs onto the site, where he encounters the "Game Master." Selecting his game, he is instructed to put on his virtual reality glasses and is transported into his fantasy: Kyle decked out in full leather, tied to a cross in a dungeon, under the eye of the dungeon master, horse hung Canadian superstar Carl Erik .
He makes Kyle his slave, working him over in every way.
Carl jumps on the phone to convince his friend, blond hardbody Cutter West, to try the game. After he chooses "Military Maneuvers," he becomes a Marine Sgt. on the firing range with sexy Pvt. J.T. Sloan. The two make a bet: the winner of a shooting match gets to tell the loser what to do for the rest of the day. After the gunfire subsides, we find that Sgt. Cutter came out on top. He quickly orders Pvt. Sloan to perform "his duties": sucking Cutter's perfect tool and offering his eager hole for Cutter's satisfaction. Following the exhausting fuckfest, the two Marines expel their loads on JT's chiseled pecs.
When J.T. returns to reality, he passes along word of the "game" to his friend, Kyle McKenna who makes an appointment with the Game Master. His desire is to play "cops & robbers". He becomes one of L.A. 's finest! Coming home from work, he encounters a burglar (tattooed sex fiend Cole Tucker). Breaking the cop stereotype, Kyle surrenders his willing butthole, allowing himself to be used as a receptacle for Cole's meat and his collection of sinister dildos. After enduring the prolonged anal violations, both men erupt.
After hearing about Cole's adventure, Dino also wants to play. Cut to a dark alley - Dino and versatile stud pup Peter Wilder are roughneck streethoods stalking the alley looking for prey. They happen upon newcomer Tommy Cruise. Tommy's superb virgin white ass is soon pried open and pounded by the two hot studs until they complete their quest with scorching loads that nearly drown innocent little Tommy.
In the world of virtual reality there is much to discover. In our world of sex and intrigue there is even more to uncover. Come reveal your own deep inner desires and play the game of your life. "

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