Game Boys Collection 13 - Sexplosion

Year: 2001
Country: Germany
Genre: Twinks, Oral / Anal Sex, Duet, Blowjob, Cumshots
Duration: 0:44:44
Size: 713,101,312 bytes
Studio: Man's Best
Cast: Lenny, Volker, Raphael, Toni, Max, Paul, Eddi
Description: Two cute, 18 year olds are making out, hot and heavy on their bed. Clay Bingham is a humpy little blonde sporting tight little daisy-dukes with no undies. As he gets it on with his pal, Tito, his balls and cock yearn to come plopping out. Talk about easy access! Before long Tito releases that hard teen cock and chows down. Tito voraciously devours Clay's handsome, thick meat and massages his balls. Clay gets a chance to suck some dick and does so with great enthusiasm as Tito gets up on his knees and displays a hard 8-incher and a 2% body fat torso that's hairless and tight! This lean twink enjoys the oral attention and strokes out his load on his lean belly as Clay tenderly strokes his balls. Clay then lays back to flog out a huge volcano of teen spunk. Super Orgasm!
Tito and Clay are dressed and visited by their blonde friend, Giovanni. Gio is a very handsome young man. He tells the two of his recent encounter with big-dicked, heartthrob, Myrick Catalon. We see Gio chowing down on Myrick's perfect cock in his living room. Gio's sucking gets Myrick close and he explodes all over his own hairless stomach. That was just the appetizer. Myrick wraps and plows deep into Gio's hungry arse. Great close-ups of Myrick's balls bouncing against Giovanni's ass. Now, totally sated, Myrick unloads a second thick, gooey orgasm all over Gio's balls that dribbles down to his hole. Myrick finger-fucks large gobs of his own spoo into Gio's ravaged gash. He robes him deep with two fingers until Gio unloads on his shaved pubic area. Totally HOT scene!
Scene three features two first timers, Rado Svetcha and Ingo Dobrey. These two studs make out by a small table in a living room. Ingo sits on Rado's lap as they make out and Rado undresses him. Ingo sits up on the table so Rado can devour his cock. Ingo spoos on Rado's face, lips and tongue. Lots of post-orgasm cock licking. Rado is a real slut. Just after dressing, we find him butt naked receiving Myrick's hot cock deep up his ass. Myrick has the reputation of being a great fuck and Rado's facial expressions give evidence. Myrick plows him deep, then explodes on his balls as Rado rapidly strokes. He climaxes and is totally drained.
Giovanni returns to chat with Myrick as he's about to leave. The smell of sex must still be in the air because just after Myrick departs, Gio has a quick wank and unloads once again.

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