Gay orgies 2

Year: 2007

Genre: Euro, Orgies, Muscles, International, Anal, Oral, Safe Sex, cumshots

Length: 1:52:44

Director: Csaba Borbely

Studio: Private Manstars

Starring: Fredy Costa, Lucio Maverick, Antonio Moreno, Gianni Nascimento, Fabrizio Mangiatti, Mario McCabe, Rogerio Mateo, Helmut Muller, Mark Hansom, Lucas Rodriguez, Brett Perez, Dane Michaels, Boris Demitri, Lazzaro Ramirez, Leo Randolf, Julian Vincenzo , Antonio Martinelli, Flavio McAlistar, Kevin Cage, Matt Colmar, Evan Rochelle

Rod Stevens Rick Bauer Norbert Somlay

Tobias Wares

Description: "The second installment of Private Manstars' gay orgies series with twenty-five naked, muscled hunks swallowing cock after cock down every orifice in five scenes of orgiastic pleasure. Yes it's an orgasmic, fucktastic sea of throbbing cock just waiting to be used and abused by hot, hungry mouths and wanton, quivering assholes!"

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