Getting It Straight

Year: 2004

Genre: Oral, anal, group sex.

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes.

Directed by: Michael Youens

Studio: Jocks Studios

Starring: Rod Barry, Josh Weston, Rocky, Maxx Diesel, Danny Vox, Tyler Gunn, Barrett Long, Rafael Alencar, Jason Ridge.


Director Michael Youens' "Getting It Straight," written by Chris Steele, is a sexy and often downright funny look at what happens when gay buddies scheme to seduce straight guys. But here the ante is upped for this age-old porn device: the gay guy has to fuck the straight guy. The "gay" guys: Josh Weston, Danny Vox, Rocky, Jason Ridge and Tyler Gunn. The "straight" guys: Rafael Alencar, Rod Barry, Barrett Long, Christoph Scharff and Maxx Diesel. To win the bet, a proof-of-fuck must be documented, so they stealthily capture their trysts by way of a Dick Tracy-style video-phone.
Josh Weston's seduction comes in the form of the cable-guy scenario. You know the drill -- feign cable trouble, have plenty of beer on hand, get the cable guy to drop trou. And Josh hits the jackpot with Rafael, a tall Brazilian stunner with a cock as long as any line of cable (and he speaks with a sexy Portuguese accent). Josh's plan is hampered by the presence of Tyler Gunn, though. Tyler is a handsome fellow with a bangin' body, who is also eager to get laid. So, just as Josh is getting down to business with Rafael, Tyler butts in and makes it a three-way. They suck cock, rim ass and such with aplomb. When it comes time to fuck, however, Josh and Tyler wind up as the bottoms (Josh fucking Tyler), and later, Josh as the man-in-the-middle as he fucks Tyler as Rafael is fucking him. The fucking throughout is sensational, and the shots of Rafael's brown dong shoved up Josh's lily-white butt are especially hot. Even though Josh fucked Tyler, he didn't fuck the straight guy. Nice try, but no cigar, Monica.
Rocky is up next. His ass, that is. Sunning himself poolside, he promptly seduces the straight pool guy, Rod Barry. Rocky is a smooth Latino, Rod a slender and tattooed military type. Some serious rimming ensues, Rocky burying his face deep in Rod's hairy asscrack, licking the hole but good. Rod then fucks Rocky's ass, thoroughly pounding the booty. Rocky has his day in the sun, to be sure, but loses the fuck-the-straight-guy bet. Better luck next time.
Danny Vox goes all grease monkey. He is accused of some crude behavior by the comely mechanics, Barrett Long and Christoph Scharff (something about piss-stained underwear), and is forced to give them head as a result. And this is punishment? Danny is slim and furry, Barrett is tall and horse-hung, and Christoph, a European hunk, is quite gorgeous (and speaks with a thick accent, "A Fish Called Wanda," anyone?). At any rate, Danny goes bananas for their uncut dongs (Barrett's is humongous), slurping and swallowing to his heart's content, and licking their bottoms as well. Barrett and Christoph return the cocksucking favor, swallowing Danny's bone eagerly. Danny's butt gets stuffed full of Barrett's dick, and then Christoph's bubble-butt is poked by Barrett, too. Danny gets his rocks off, big time, but loses the bet just the same.
Jason Ridge brings up the rear, literally. He spars in a boxing ring with straight kick boxer Maxx Diesel, a tall drink of water if there ever was one. After a bit of punching and jabbing with gloves on, pretty guy Jason gets punched and jabbed in the throat by Maxx's beautiful schlong. He deep-throats with pleasure, then licks Maxx's tanned tush. Maxx does an excellent job sucking Jason's pretty pecker, too, before getting on all-fours and getting the stuffing fucked out of him by Jason. Jason really digs in, pumping the muscular ass as he holds on for dear life. Jason really dives in, Maxx going ass-up as they proceed, drilling down into the hole. Nice cum-shots cap off the winner's conquest, his cum dripping down Maxx's asscrack like so much sweat.

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