Release Year: 2009
Studio: Treasure Island Media
Cast: Damon Dogg, Zack *, Rick, Kaleb Scott, Craig, Stallion, Cole, Dan Fisk, Tim Skyler, James Roscoe, Paul Stag, Scout (m), Klep, Keer (TIM), Brandt, Joey Dingo, Kona, Skeet, Rashad, Max, Devon (m), Bed-Head Ned, Dr. Kaos, Ion The Lion, Javin "The Python" Cong
Genres: Fetish, Blowjob, Cumshot, Big Dick, Compilation, Gloryhole, Pigs

A true homage to the act of full oral submission, Skull Fuck holds a place in history as one of the roughest swallow films ever produced by Treasure Island Media. Paul Morris has put together some of the most insatiable cum-guzzlers, each ready to service as much cock as they can with their talented mouths, and tight throats. Rock-hard tops fuck the anxious mouths of submissive-suckers as they gag their way to a man-batter reward. This is one for the truly devout Treasure Island Media followers who know how to fulfill their most animalistic needs.

Treasure Island Media and director Paul Morris bring us truth in advertising with so many of their titles, thanks to the "what you see is what you get" nature of their box covers and particularly their movie titles. If you look at a title like Skull Fuck and think this is going to be packed with world-class cock sucking, then you're right. Even better, the performers are some of the best looking that TIM has used and they're engaging in 17 scenes of pulse-pounding, cock-milking action. Since its release in November 2009, Skull Fuck has gone down in history as one of the studio's roughest swallow films and been acknowledged as a classic.

The movie opens strong with a vignette titled "James Roscoe's Big Challenge." James Roscoe has a reputation as a fantastic head-giver to uphold and he certainly does just that. He might feel the briefest pang of hesitation upon seeing his suck-buddy's monster cock, but James is an oral champion throughout the ferocious throat fucking that ensues. As he gags, as his face is slapped and his mouth fish-hooked, he worships that big dick and those tasty balls. After a brutal blowjob experience, James is rewarded with a jet of cum deep into his throat that he retches up, commenting that his throat is bruised. How can we possibly match such giddy heights of porn ecstasy?

In scene four, titled "The Wannabe," we encounter a very cute young Atlanta guy named Devon whose goal is to be the next Damon Dogg. As the scene progress and Devon eagerly tackles three black monster cocks, we can tell that he doesn't quite pose a threat to Damon's title as the most notorious cum-receptacle in porn... yet. On the other hand, Devon's combination of oral enthusiasm, skills, and good looks make his scene very much worth your time.

Scene five, "Gloryhole Cock Worship," features a hot cock sucker named Punyboy Hal who proves that he's the most likely to earn legendary status, if this scene is any indication. Hal gets so excited about having different dicks in his mouth that he has to jerk off in between cocks. With skill like Hal's, no wonder the guys on the other side of the gloryhole can't last long before popping! If you want to pick up some ideas to try the next time you're giving a blowjob, it wouldn't be a bad idea at all to follow Hal's examples.

As for Damon Dogg, the gap-toothed face-fucking enthusiast himself is next and he's busy getting his throat pounded by British top Paul Stag, a former Mr. Leatherman UK. Paul is aggressive and gives Damon exactly the kind of oral drilling he loves. Mind you, this amounts to taking it easy for Damon maybe he's content to let the younger blowjob pros have their moments in the sun.

The pair featured on the box cover are Javin "The Python" Congo (a black stud) and Danny. Interracial fans, this duo is seen going at it in scene 10. Though Danny seems a little bit shy, like he isn't all that experienced, that only makes it sexier when the true gag fest is in effect. Javin gives it to Danny rough.

A scruffy Londoner named Klep is featured in scenes 11 and 12. First he conquers a trio of cocks in his face, then he gets drenched in their piss while one of the guys shoves a sweaty sock-clad foot in Klep's mouth. It's quintessential Treasure Island!

If you're short on either attention or time, or just want to relive all the best bits of what you've just seen, then scene 17 is a great recap for you. Here are all the cumshots from Skull Fuck presented in under ten minutes.

Format: avi
Duration: 2:11:04
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