Don't Be Shy

Year: 2006

Genre: Anal, Cumshots, Dildo, Interracial, Oral, Rimming, Twinks, Uncut

Length: 2:04:41
File File Size : 1.01 GB

Director: Marcel Bruckmann

Studio: Man's Art

Starring: Ronald Laska, Rivelli, Ben Keller, Dominik Dillon, Matt York, Jorge Lopez, Joi Mitchell, Luca Valentino, Fabian Lex, Alexander Posh

Description: The boys are not shy at all!
The plot turns around Matt York, who's collecting his first sexual experiences. He observes couples of friends while having sex together. At first he watches as the two big cocked guys Alexander Posh and Luca Valentino lick their big cocks and Luca afterwards plunges his member in strokes deeply into Alexander. Matt finds it very exciting how the couple of friends Ben Keller and Fabian Lex play with their bodies, first shyly and then in a hard and horny way, and then how Ronald Laska and Joi Mitchell do it together with Dennis Dillon. Joi enjoys getting fucked by Dennis with Ronald's cock in his mouth. When Ronald is fed up with getting his cock sucked, he puts his hard cock into Dennis, even if he's still fucking Joi. The three, soaky, eventually jerk off at the same time. Dennis is still completely out of breath when he catches sight of Rivelli, who also zeroes in on him. But Rivelli just wants to put his dagger cock deeply down Dennis' throat. Matt York is very fascinated at how hard and mercilessly Rivell

Dennis starts fucking Jorge, we notice that in spite of the pains he likes it very much; Jorge lets him play with his sphincter for almost half an hour (Bonus scene) and retards squirting over and over again, he wants to enjoy it as long as possible.