Release Year: 2011
Studio: Falcon International
Cast: Alex Stevens, Cris Ruiz, Korbin Bloom, Leon Fortin, Paul Black, Ricky Sweet, Tom Kango, Vince Blair
Genres: Oral/Anal Sex, Twinks (Young Meat), Uncut Cocks, Rimming, Big Dicks

Rolf Hammerschmidt nails another whopper with his latest addition to the Falcon International Collection. This foreskin fandango features eight Eastern European jocks trippin' all over each other to see who's willing to go One Step Further!

Vince Blair is ready to shine as he prepares for his big date. You can measure his excitement by the raging hard-on he's sporting in the shower and maintains throughout the entire scene. Now dressed and eager to boogie, he races to a secluded stairway and hooks up with Alex Stevens. The two studs lavish each other with some getting-to-know-you lip locks until Alex feels ready and all set to blow Vince's whistle. He opens wide to suck down the meaty pole discovering that Vince's foreskin is so tight around the dickhead that it barely slides up and down over the crown no matter how vigorously Alex nurses on it. But who cares when both parties are just working it hard to ensure the slim horndog has a rigid rod to ride. Alex skewers himself onto Vince's red hot poker letting him work like a well-lubed piston bouncing up and down to pump his asshole. Vince charges in and out in measured thrusts and then, ready to blow, he blasts his buddy with cum. Alex is quick to follow, jerking himself off until he climaxes and squeezing every precious drop of jizz out from his piss-slit.

Bare-chested Tom Kango is looking real cool in his shades as he strolls alongside Leon Fortin, who's wearing nothing but a towel and a smile. That just makes it easier for the two of them to spring into action. Leon drops his towel and quickly pulls Tom's pants down to rim his hairy ass. His tongue digs through the thicket of fur to get to Tom's tasty asscrack and he teases it with sloppy licks. Then, Tom backs Leon against the wall where his smooth slender frame looks freakishly boyish except for the long robust cock sprouting proud and erect from his crotch, demanding immediate attention. Tom obliges, trying hard to swallow down as many inches of the meat stick as he can. The two then trade off sucking duty but Leon's appetite proves needier. He nurses on Tom's dick hard enough to ensure it remains flushed and stiff enough to pierce his hungry hole. They fuck with abandon until Leon finally shoots his load all over his partner's asshole; and Tom counters with squirts of creamy spooge into his playmate's open mouth.

Paul Black is one lucky guy as he holds Korbin Bloom's swollen cock in his fingers as if it's an expensive Cuban cigar he's ready to smoke. He opens wide and sucks it in, savoring its tasty sweetness. Clamping his lips onto the meat pole even tighter, Paul's head bobs back and forth in a steady rhythm, exciting them both. Then they switch places, so Korbin can get his licks in. All his oral efforts enflame and handicap Paul so much that he becomes putty in Korbin's hands and they quickly get into position to fuck. Korbin attacks his happily compliant cohort from behind; he holds onto Paul's hips to steady himself, then boldly charges in and out of his asshole with a series of furious thrusts. Then, Paul lays down and stretches his legs wide apart to rest them on Korbin's two shoulders, yielding his ass for even more vigorous anal penetration. They carry on until Korbin finally pulls out and shoots his pal's mug with cum. Quickly needing relief for himself and not yet exhausted, Paul jerks himself off until he blows his wad.

Ricky Sweet and Chris Ruiz waste no time getting down and dirty as they lavish each other with eager kisses, hungry licks and naughty gropes. Unable to contain himself any longer, Chris hurriedly yanks Ricky's stick out and tries to swallow it down, barely managing to overwhelm its girth; his cock is that thick and definitely worthy of intense adoration. Both of them are soon reeling with the excitement that all this fevered man action is generating. Chris starts playing grab-ass with Ricky's backside, slapping and then spreading his butt cheeks apart to expose his puckered hole. All this horseplay stimulates and rouses Ricky to go one step further and like greased lightning, he's fucking Chris up the ass. He plows in and out like a madman, dizzy with the pleasure he's both feeling and doling out; then he stops to suck Chris off. They continue working each other fast and furious until both are finally ready to blow. They take turns busting their nuts all over each other.Rolf Hammerschmidt nails another whopper with his latest addition to the Falcon International Collection. This foreskin fandango features eight Eastern European jocks trippin' all over each other to see who's willing to go One Step Further!

Format: avi
Duration: 1:30:40
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