Elliot & Harley Flip Flop Fuck

Year: 2012
Country: United States
Genre: Anal, Oral Sex, Flip-Flop, Bareback, 69, Rimming, Muscle, Blow Job, Cumshots
Time: 00:29:49

Description: Harley, our resident parkour expert, is extremely athletic and gymnastic - not just out in the park, but in bed as well, as Elliot finds out! Harley and Elliot make out. Harley removes Elliot's shirt and kisses his pecs and nipples, then moves down to kiss his abs. Elliot kisses Harley's neck then they tongue each other deeply. Both guy's hands go to each other's crotch, unbuckling their belts and feeling the bulges there. Elliot drops his jeans and Harley reaches inside, drawing out Elliot's rock hard cock. Elliot unzips his Harley's fly and pulls out Harley's hard-on. The two guys rub their cocks together as they continue to make out. Harley lays on his back, and pulls Elliot on top of him. Harley's hands reach under Elliot's cotton boxers, playing with the crack of Elliot's ass. Elliot grinds his crotch into Harley below him, until Elliot finally pulls off his boxers.

File size: 281.9 MB
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