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While working on their sailboat, Mike and Scott tire of Jim's screwing off. Time for revenge! Taking him for a 'holiday cruise', Mike uses Jim's face like a flotation device. Although confined to the small locale of the boat, Mike and Scott aren't bounded by lack of imagination. Mike's big hand wails on that skinny little ass. Getting stripped by Mike can't be an entirely unpleasant experience, but with that they have in mind next, poor Jim might be better off if he dived overboard. Teasing him with the belt as a slapper against the soft skin of his ass, Jim soon learns what it is that Mike and Scott expect of him. Just to sit there and suffer like a man, learning his lesson. Smashing his face with his arse, Scott uses his powerful glutes to deprive Jim of air. "Boy, his head is almost all the way up your ass," Mike comments. Meanwhile, Mike is playing Jim's ass like they were bongo drums! It takes some kind of man to take the torment that Mike and Jim dole out. The musculature of Mike's ass is really at its best when he sits on Jim's kisser. Looking rather dazed and confused form the abysmal treatment, Jim gets no breaks (unless it were to be the breakage of an arm of a leg, maybe even a neck.) from the sadistic treatment that has been prescribed by Mike and Scott. Not only does this video feature HOM, ass smothering and crotch smothering, but there is an extremely nice version of armpit smothering too. It is always nice to know how one must do things like this properly you know. Delicious! They come very close to dredging out the very last breath of Jim.

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