Patrick Rouge, Ransom & Troy (RAW Tag Team)

Year: 2012
Country: United States
Genre: Anal, Oral Sex, Bareback, Riming, Fingeringm Group, BlowJob, Cumshots
Time: 00:29:48

Description: Like I said, Troy was set to do a Serviced video with Patrick. But during the solo, we switched him to gay porn, and he was getting all eager to do a full-on sex scene. He was so horny I thought maybe he was hinting for me to come play with him. But I stayed strong, and stayed behind the camera, mainly cuz not only did I KNOW Patrick would love to just not do oral, but that Ransom was going to be there also. Patrick has been after me for a while to put him and Ransom together.Ransom has more of a military vibe that I thought would fit better with Troy, and I momentarily thought about switching Patrick out. But when I mentioned that both Patrick and Ransom were fully-tested and ready to play, Troy was eager to have TWO new buddies.It was a bit much to throw at Troy for his first film. Not the cocks, he was good with that! But you can tell he just doesn't know where the cameras are so he can showcase. Not entirely his fault either, Patrick and Ransom were pretty hungry that day, and they were all over Troy.

File size: 493.3 MB
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