Nick & Trevor

Year: 2012
Country: USA
Genre: Studs, Muscules, Duet, Oral, Anal, Masturbaton, Cumshots
Time: 00:29:45

Description: There is something really exciting when you get to watch two guys getting it on and one just totally takes charge of the situation. Nick Sterling knew he was going to have fun with Trevor Tran the minute he laid eyes on him and decided to just use him as his own personal sex toy. He gently glides his huge throbbing cock right down Trevor's throat, carefully guiding his head with his hand. Laying him out flat on the couch he then playfully face fucks him. Nick didn't want to shoot his load too soon so he leveled off a bit and went down on him for a while. This brought out a new side to Trevor and after giving Nick a really hot blowjob he flipped him over and rimmed him as well.

File size: 307.4 MB
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