Year: 2005
Country: USA
Genre: Guys, macho, couples, group, hard sex, hunks, 3some, beefcakes
Length: 2:20
Directed by: Brian Mills, Harold Creg
Studio: TitanMen
Cast: Ben Jakks, Cliff Rhodes, Dylan West, Jake Hansen, Markus Ram, Owen Hawk, Spencer Quest, Zack Evans
Spy Quest - eight studs and 18 gut-wrenching orgasms in nearly 2 1 / 2 hours of non-stop ball blasting ...

Titan Media has once again raised both the bar and my expectations. After watching porn that's expertly executed from every angle, watching most anything else is a small exercise in torture. From the moment that "Spy Quest" gets underway, I was hopelessly sucked into a Hollywood-style tale of espionage and treachery, the cast headed up superbly by Mr. Spencer Quest. I could rhapsodize at length about Spencer. He is a very handsome man, but one who manages to come across as somewhat regular, approachable. Confidently sexual, you wouldn't dare box or categorize him. He's an aggressive top who wants to be finger-fucked, but also a slutty bottom who just might turn the tables on you.
As a head operative at TIO, Titan Intelligence Organization, Spencer's one secret agent you don't want to fuck with. Punishment within the ranks is meted out quickly. When Agent Owen Hawk tries to pull a fast one (think of Colin Farrell in "The Recruit"), Spencer is having none of it. Spencer even has someone to inflict the punitive measures for him: Agent Dylan West. Spencer makes this an opportunity to instruct a more senior recruit on how to deal with insubordination. This three-way starts out with a lovely domination-submission session, Dylan giving roundhouse slaps to Owen's erect cock while a cucumber cool Spencer supervises the discipline, offering encouragement and chastisement to Dylan. Owen Hawk plays the punk-ass, spitting huge wads of spit in Dylan's face, hoping to provoke him further. Only in porn would a blowjob be considered corrective, but this is what Spencer commands of Dylan, to the delight of a smug Owen. It's quite a while before Spencer moves in to participate. He'd much rather take his pleasure in watching what unfolds, using two closed fists to jerk himself off. There's quite a bit to watch, but I found myself coming back to Dylan's fat, orange-sized biceps, squeezed even fatter while he works Owen's stiffie. Dylan blows his load directly into Spencer's open palm, the first of many in this cum-soaked film. Dylan licks Spencer's palm clean, then gapes while both Owen and Spencer get off.
And the action hasn't even really begun. Spencer forces Owen over the edge of a shiny steel table, forcibly exposing his pretty hole. With spit and fingers, Spencer aggressively brutalizes Owen's backside, even though Owen is rather matter-of-fact about the whole thing. I got the feeling that Spencer only fucks Owen in an attempt to wipe the arrogant expression of his face. What starts vengefully quickly gets intimate. Spencer buries himself to the hilt, then switches tactics, slowly rocking only an inch or so of his cock inside Owen. They fuck standing, one of Spencer's arms circling Owen's collarbones. I wanted to know what Spencer was cooing into Owen's ear. Whatever it was, Owen starts masturbating with renewed fury. At Spencer's urging, Dylan takes his place inside Owen's ass, but only momentarily. When Spencer's ready to cum, he pushes Dylan aside, quickly pumps Owen's ass, and then blows. Still not satisfied, Spencer puts Dylan's backside through the paces, instructing Owen on the finer points of topping. You won't hear much from Dylan; Spencer keeps his cock lodged in Dylan's mouth much of the time. Spencer forces Owen to keep at it until Owen cums, then irritably dismisses both men.
Perhaps he's pissed off because Agent Ben Jakks is on holiday, out of the loop when Spencer so desperately needs to reach him. Secreted away on the Alaskan coast, Agent Ben is more than a little preoccupied with buddy Jake Hansen, espionage the last thing on his mind. The encounter has a romantic flavor from the beginning, the pair spending quite a while kissing, rubbing, and undressing. Jake is almost half a foot shorter than muscular Ben Jakks, and watching them get in the mood is the scene's highlight. Even before Jake gets to work on Ben's attractive dick, there's quite a bit of pec-punching and playful tit-twisting. After an achingly slow blowjob, Jake gets some dick suckin 'in return. Where Ben is smooth, Jake is furry, and the contrast in their skin color is a major turn-on. While blowing his buddy, Ben slips a finger up Jake's ass. Ben's subtle poking forces Jake over the edge and he unexpectedly coats his belly with spunk. Cum on fur looks good - Ben dumps his scum over Jake's shoulder, matting the hair. Jake's bristly butthole must taste pretty good; Ben stuffs his maw between the cheeks of Jake's ass and indulges in some good eatin '. Every so often, Ben looks up at his lover to gauge his approval before diving back in. Jake glares back with a look that seems to say he knows what's coming. They find all kinds of little nooks and crannies in which to cornhole. The space is tiny, made even more cramped when these two big men move around looking for a place to fuck. The sexiest no doubt is when bear cub Jake sits down on Ben and takes a ride. This is not the final position these two make love in, but it's the smokiest.
Yes, the Titan Intelligence Organization even has its own development lab in a classified location. Dr. Rhodes (Cliff Rhodes), the white coat reporting directly to Mr. Quest, is working on an enigmatic serum, using a hapless assistant (Zack Evans) as his guinea pig. What does this serum do? Forget noble objectives like sniffing out terrorists or boosting civilian productivity. When Cliff serves up a vial to Zack, a handsome and unwitting twink, this serum serves only to make the recipient a willing sex slave. This is porn, not "Mission: Impossible," after all. Moments after swallowing the blue fluid, Zack is giving a hand job with zombie-like enthusiasm. Hell, Cliff doesn't care - a hand job from a stupefied twink is still a pretty good hand job. Zack still doesn't seem to perk up when Cliff commands him to suck. Cliff has a good-sized thick prick, not the easiest thing to get your lips around. It's not until Dr. Rhodes order Zack to sit on his face that his young assistant seems to catch on and get into the spirit of science. A warm tongue-wiggling over his butthole gets this pup in the mood for thorough anal exploration. Still looking a bit stunned, Zack accommodates the doc, coming fully to life when fucked on the floor. The count of cum-loads for the film increases here by four.
And like Pussy Galore, Wolverine or Goldfinger, "Spy Quest" has Markus Ram, the secretive top gun in every good spy flick. Mr. Quest descends into the bowels of yet another top-secret locale, interrupting Ram's logistics training at Aqua Base One. What ensues is an intense sexual tte - tte. Chalk it up to expert direction, but the lead-up to this finale skillfully establishes character, deepening our understanding of Spencer while introducing us to Markus Ram. Before these two men even touch, it's clear their session is going to be a match of wills. Directly out of the gate, this pairing scorches. Spiced with antagonism, Spencer and Marcus are almost vengeful, spitting on each other's cocks while luridly glaring at one another, masturbating. Their passion is nasty and competitive. Pulling his prick out of his wetsuit, there's no question that Spencer will fall to his knees in service. Marcus manipulates Spencer by keeping a firm grip on the back of Spencer's neck. He twists Spencer's head this way and that until all Spencer can do is slobber over the dick he's sucking. The action is aggressive and makes Spencer cum on the floor.
Marcus strong-arms Spencer into a prone position, then finger-fucks the hell out of Spencer's luscious hole. These electric moments were my favorite in the entire film. Spencer almost seems to dare Marcus to push the limits, until digit by digit, Marcus works four fingers up Spence's chute. Spencer keeps impressive wood and every so often Marcus leans over and gives Spencer's throbber a hearty lick. Spencer Quest is no lightweight bottom. With sparks in his eyes, he squats over Marcus' thick member and impales himself in one stroke. This is the best anal sex in the film, brutal and unquestionably macho. Spencer ends up on his back, savagely exploding on his pale abs. Marcus adds his load to the mix. The scene concludes with three titillating words ... "To be continued."
Now that we are familiar with the men staffing the Titan Intelligence Organization, I think it's time for a mission, replete with a bad-ass villain who's desperate to unleash havoc on the TIO. Put these spy studs to work! And I can't rave enough about the top-notch production values ??in "Spy Quest." Every aspect, down to the last futuristic, high-tech set piece, is manipulated to perfection by the Titan crew. I honestly cannot wait for the sequel.

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