Bi Sex Party 9: Army Training (2010)

Starring: Kate Pepper Alexa Bold Teri Sweet Carol Sweet Rod Wethers Enrico Mexx Denis Reed Franco Gregorio
Categories: Bisexual
Date Added: 2010
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At this elite co-ed martial arts gym, the guys and gals really work up a sweat learning some of the fiercest moves. Of course, it’s tough getting violent towards your partner when he or she is so fucking hot. And considering the fact that everyone who belongs to this gym is drop dead gorgeous, it’s no wonder that, on this particular Saturday afternoon, the entire lot decides to drop their boxing gloves and get a more intimate grip on one another’s bodies. They devote just as much intense energy to pleasuring one another as they do to fighting. It’s not about being gay, straight, or bi – it’s all about the pure pleasure of a nice moist hole. And no holes will go unfilled at this massive bisexual orgy!

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