Release Year: 1987
Studio: Catalina
Cast: Jeff Stryker, Mike Henson, Doug McCall, Chris Gray, Jim Pulver, Mike Ryan, John Davenport, Robert Harris, Adam Grant, Jeff Boote
Video language: English

In Hot Pursuit is a pre-condom Jeff Stryker favorite, finally remastered. Portrait of an artist indeed. Jeff sketches and imagines his drawings coming (and cumming) to life. The megastar with the megathick meatwad, megafilthy mouth and muscular torso shows off all the goods and then some in this pre-condom costume extravaganza.

It limps along in the story department, but it has some scorching scenes, notably the finale where Jeff shows up dressed in Old West Native American garb and forces a lashed to the ground cowboy to please him. You'll both laugh and get off as Jeff espouses such immor(t)al lines as "Suck this big red dick, paleface," "Suck them big balls, white man," "Lick this warrior's ass" and - my favorite - "Work it, white man."

Un-PC? Yup. Hot as shit? You betcha.

Other scenes include a Foreign Legion threeway (complete with hookah smoking), a great tryst with Mike Henson on a sofa, and a replay-worthy one in which the hot John Davenport appears as a fireman in a dude's bedroom (complete with hood lights flashing through the window) and proceeds to fondle the guy's ass and then pummel his mouth and hole. Gotta tell you - if you go weak over firemen, wait until you see the hunky Mr. Davenport in full regalia. Ouch!

Released on DVD in May 2004, this 1987 title looks quite good, with little or no artifacting, nice detail and a good print clean-up job. Part of the video was shot on film, so there is some softness evident. (This actually helps a bit during the dream sequences.) The sound is okay, remastered in Dolby 2.0, but sound isn't a big deal in porn I suppose. Don't worry - Jeff's potty talk still sounds as "dreamy" as always. Bonus content includes a 10-minute scene from Catalina's Score, a photo gallery of stills and four trailers, including the Stryker classic Powertool. Why it has "A William Higgins Pre-Condom Classic" swiped across the top of the cover is beyond me, as this is a John Travis production. An overlooked typo on Catalina's part I guess.

In Hot Pursuit is representative of the standard stuff from Jeff in the "Oh yeah, suck that cock" dialogue department (in his southern drawl, of course) but it's loads of fun and viewers will blow loads of loads - especially Stryker die-hards.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:18:40
Video: 720x480, DivX 5, 1709kbps
Audio: 250kbps

File size: 1.1 GB