Year: 2012
Genre: Anal, Big Dick, Facial, Cum eating, Dildo, Rough, Jerk-Off, Oral, Kissing, Rimming, Muscle, Tattoos
Duration: 00:29:35
Director: Damien Crosse & Francesco D'Macho
Studio: StagHomme
Cast: Adrian Toledo & Tomy Hawk

ALANDALUS [Moorish Iberia] was directed by both Francesco DíMacho and Damien Crosse for Stag Homme Studios and stars Tomy Hawk and Adrian Toledo. I had to watch it twice because the first time I was just overwhelmed by the sumptuous set design! Sex? Men? What? I was way too busy scoping out the Moroccan lamps! Gold silk pillows and satin bed linens, intricate carvings on the headboard of the bed, gorgeous tile work everywhere, the coffee set; I was in decorator heaven! This is how I want my bedroom to look! Good thing I went back and watched it again though, because these guys were really fucking hot. Wearing their black jellabas and keffiyehs, Tomy and Adrian share some coffee. Its not long before our Moorish princes get down to business and swap blow jobs. There is rimming in front of a bowl sink set in some very pretty tile.
See how easily I am distracted from the sex? I could have taken a screen shot of Tomyís long pink tongue lapping at Adrianís hole. Now, that would have been a photo to cherish! LOL! It sure was hot to see! But instead, I thought it would be cool to take one of Tomy fucking Adrian with the mouthpiece of a hookah pipe. What do you think of that? Inventive, yes. Hot, not so much for me.
But the real nitty-gritty takes place on the bed, where after being doggy fucked by Tomy, Adrian flips him and reverse cowboy fucks him! Now that was really hot, because I think it is only the second time in Adrianís career that he has topped and his face is so expressive that I just love watching him. Also, Tomyís body is a thing to see since he is so fit and every move he makes is artistry in motion. Here I got the feeling of a boy fucking a man. Adrian makes young man noises, while Tomy makes manly noises. I really enjoyed just listening to them; that is a real turn on for me. Of course watching completes the deal. At times, Tomy held Adrian down and that was so hot! Who was fucking whom? In my mind, I conjured a scenario of Tomy asking a young man to his apartments for coffee, with it in mind that they have sex. Adrian, the young man, might not have been averse to this plan, since he has been used this way before. He just grits his teeth and makes the best of the situation. And how well this situation turns out for him! He gets to top the man! But in the end, he lets the man cum on his face.
As any good catamite would. Another hit for Stag Homme! Kudos to the actors: Adrian Toledo and Tomy Hawk. You guys did a fabulous job! Whoever discovered this set did a wonderful job Ė I was transported to another time, literally. The costumes were spot on. Again Stag Homme shows why they are number one in Europe, and should be number one in the world. For such a small company to produce such a high quality product is unprecedented.

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