Release Year: 2003
Studio: Treasure Island Media
Cast: Damon Dogg and his friends
Genres: anal, oral, group, cumshots, masturbate
Video language: English

Score 1 "Business Start-Up"

The video begins before the DOGG has even left San Francisco for his trip. A businessman, complete with tie, has come in for a porn interview (for real). The guy can't help himself and sucks DAMON's big veiny cock until he gets the DOGG's hot load shot down his throat.

Score 2 "San Diego Military"

Once in San Diego, DAMON DOGG wastes no time luring CHAD, a married ex-military guy, to a hotel room. The DOGG is totally turned-on by this guy, and falls to his knees to suck the muscular blond's rock-hard cock. He gives CHAD the complete treatment, including rimming him and sticking his tongue as far up CHAD's ass as he can.

DAMON gives this guy a stellar blow-job, but at the last second CHAD pushes the DOGG's face away and shoots an insane geyser of cum up into the air. The DOGG tries to slurp at the semen, but CHAD holds him away until he's totally shot his load. Finally, he lets go and the DOGG hungrily laps up every drop of the cum.

Score 3 "San Diego Surfer"

CODY, a 20-year-old surfer & skater, comes over to smoke and drink and get a blow job from the DOGG. They try to chat a bit, but DAMON can't wait to get a cock in his mouth and pushes in so he can start blowing the surfer while he's still enjoying a smoke.

The DOGG sucks CODY, then rolls the guy over and goes to town shoving his tongue way up the surfer's perfect ass. When CODY comes, the DOGG laps up every salty drop of his spooge. Then the tired DOGG rests his head on CODY's belly and nurses on the oozing dick as if it were a pacifier.

Score 4 "San Diego Baths"

The DOGG brings CHRIS, a guy he met at one of the San Diego bath houses, back to the hotel. CHRIS is more than a little nervous: he's never imagined himself being sucked off in front of a camera before.

DAMON and CHRIS 69 each other for a while and then the DOGG straddles CHRIS's face and lets him nurse on his spit-slick dick. CHRIS jerks off while he sucks on the DOGG's cock, and he ends up shooting his load all over his own lean stomach. The DOGG hungrily eats up the warm tasty mess, licking CHRIS's belly and dick clean.

Then DAMON shoves his cock into CHRIS's mouth and shoots a thick load of sperm, filling CHRIS's mouth full (and this is CHRIS's first time letting a guy come in his mouth - ever!). DAMON leans over and the two men kiss, passing DAMON's thick load back and forth until they both swallow the dose of man-juice down.

Score 5 "San Diego Beach"

DAMON then gets together with a big-dicked hairy blond named RICH on the beach. They blow each other at the rocks, taking turns sucking on each others' big hard bones. The DOGG sucks on RICH's oversized tube until he gets it to spurt, shooting a load on his face and down his throat.

Then RICH happily returns the favor and takes DAMON's big load right into his mouth, swallowing it all down.

Score 6 "Los Angeles Pit Stop"

On the way back up to SanFran, DAMON and I stopped off in L.A. I wanted him to meet one of my friends, a hot lean young man named BRANDON. BRANDON is a beautiful straight guy who agreed to let the DOGGster suck him off on camera.

But BRANDON is a kinky fucker and got into a mood where he wanted DAMON to bite and gnaw on his dick while sucking on it. And I mean bite on it hard ...

After letting DAMON suck and chew on his big straight-guy dong, BRANDON gets up and throat-fucks DAMON, shooting his load right down the DOGG's gullet. BRANDON used DAMON like his willing bitch - and the DOGG liked it. A lot!

If you're one of the fast-growing number of fans of DAMON DOGG and his cum-filled oral adventures, you won't want to miss this third and best video yet of the series. DAMON BLOWS AMERICA Volume 3: San Diego, California is one hot & sex-packed cum-eating video!

Format: avi
Duration: 58:06
Video: 640x480, DivX 5, 2402kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 1.1 GB