A Body to Die For 2 (1998)

Categories: Oral/Anal Sex, Cock Sizes: Horsehung, Group Sex, Masturbation, Rimming, Theme: Blue Collar/Warehouse Guys
Starring: Rick Chase, Kevin Cobain, Jon Eric, Brad King, Joey Hart, Wade Peters, Steve Harper, Sam West, Cory Roberts, Drew Andrews, Boy Mike, Critt Davis, Travis Houston
Studio: Studio 2000

Can a sequel be as good as the original?
You bet it can. Sometimes it can be even better.
Take A Body to Die For 2 for instance: fabulous sex just the way you like it; a clever tongue-in-cheek (what a heavenly thought) story; superior production values with great locations and fabulous lighting; and six handsome hard bodied newcomers along with four of your favorites from part one - all mixed to perfection by Derek Kent for a warmhearted, suspenseful, rib tickling, cock rising, juice spurting good time.
The show opens at the end of another hot sex session between Lt. Maim and his roommate Mikey (Brad King), who is seducing him on a regular basis in the same style and fashion that he did in the original.
Afterwards, as Mikey prepares to go to work, Mann hears on the news report that Bruce Henry, one of the attendees of the original mystery weekend party has been found dead. Startled and stimulated by the news, Manzi, dedicated dachshund that he is, quickly prepares to get back on the trail once again. The first murder has not been solved even though it is over a year since the crime. Mann is convinced that this new crime is connected to the older one and with the help of some mysterious envelopes of purple passion and prose, he is off on the trail once again.
Detective Mann visits the scene of the new crime and meets handsome Wade Peters who does just that - wades right end and grabs Mann's peter (isn't that what they're for?). By the time Mann?s mind catches up with the hot-assed Peters, any thought of resistance could only be considered pointless. After adding their marks to the crime scene, Maim discovers another envelope which leads him to the factory where Drew Andrews works in the office. After checking Bruce Henry?s employee insurance file, Mann concludes that he has a strong suspect and finds another purple message.
On the way out he pauses to catch a couple of warehousemen (Sam West and Cory Roberts) working up a little sweat and working off a little steam with some hardcore blue collar sex just the way you like it. The latest letter leads Maim to a piano bar in one of the sleazier parts of town. There he questions a piano player (Steve Harper), gets another message from the bartender (Kevin Cobain), is bopped over the head by a big and pretty drag diva (Boy Mike), and is out maneuvered by a back street operator (Jon Eric). The message sends Maim back on the trail and the whole episode leaves the bartender and piano player in a hyper horny state. They graciously solve that problem right in front of our eyes. My, my, my. What the right dick and ass can do for each other - and for us!
The latest message leads Mann back to the scene of the original crime - Whitetower Mansion. After revisiting the settings of some of the crimes that were erotically committed there, Mann happens on the owner of the house, Joey Hart, in the midst of some tasty self-abuse. When Mann interrupts, Joey decides to switch his focus and begin abusing Mann. Once again Mann finds it too hard to say no but just perfect for affirmative action.
Drew Andrews bursts in on the scene and Mann, either out of anger at being caught or because of the evidence that he has been piling up, arrests him and handcuffs him around the high four poster. He leaves Hart to guard him, which Mann calls for backup (something he already should have had enough of in this show). He hears some strange goings on over in the chapel and he peeks in to discover his own little Mikey and Jon Eric, the messenger with something on his mind, doing the dirty deed deliciously to the sound of organ pipes and the colors of stained glass (it's a lovely sight, to be sure).
Mann also discovers a few other things that lead him to spring The Mann Trap and solve all of the mysteries just as backup arrives. And what backup it is. Anyone would be happy to back up into it. Enjoy!..

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